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October’s Chill

The early blast of chilly air has us thinking about our windows. Will they be ready to keep out October’s early chill?

Your windows are only as good as their weather stripping and caulk. Your windows and doors can be the best asset of a house, but if they’re drafty, you might curse their existence. Apply fresh weather stripping, and you can save yourself money with lower heating bills, and reduce those annoying drafts.

Back to your Windows, the best asset of a house. There may be cases that the weather stripping is not the total answer. Perhaps […]

“Leave” it to Crescent

Fall in the Upstate of South Carolina reminds us why we live here. The crisp, glorious weather. Clemson Football. The way our gorgeous blue sky looks against the glorious colors of fall. The colors of all those leaves. And don’t forget Clemson Football.

Fall in Greenville, SC is a gorgeous time of the year but it also means there’s work to do.

This time of the year also means clogged rain gutters and stopped up down spouts. How does this happen? Easily. As all of these beautiful trees shed their leave (and twigs and such) all of that […]

Our First Five Years in Business


Crescent Home Referrals, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is  proud to be celebrating  5 years in business, in Greenville, Anderson, and Spartanburg,  along with the mountain and lake areas of Upper state South Carolina.

The first year was spent defining our business model, getting the infrastructure in place, designing our website, and interviewing and vetting contractors for the network.

We became an Accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau in 2011, and are proud to say we  currently hold an A+ rating with the bureau.

To refresh your memory:  We are a

5 Summer Tips for CCC

Summer is here, which means the temperatures are rising and so are your needs for repairs and maintenance around the house. Have you been putting off that home repair project? Consider doing it in the summer when long days and dry warm weather make conditions favorable.

Here are 5 helpful tips to keep you calm, cool, and collected this summer. Protect your greatest investment. After all, you owe yourself peace of mind and an enjoyable summer.

Painting – early summer is the optimal time for your long awaited painting project. This is due […]

Home Improvement



This term is heard quite frequently as it relates to buying or selecting properties. So goes, if you are Up-Sizing or Down-Sizing and you need qualified,responsible,licensed CONTRTACTORS for the PROCESS!

Crescent Home Referrals, Inc (CHR) has your quick and worry Free references………..

Call (864) 444-1080 John Harrison

Painting Tip

Marsala is the 2015 “Color of the Year”. I saw a recent article that said that Pantone, a global color expert, has picked reddish brown Marsala as its 2015 color of the year. NOT, being a color expert, I had to look up Marsala in the dictionary. Webster’s says that Marsala is a dry or sweet, amber-colored fortified wine made in western Sicily and named after Marsala, a seaport in western Sicily. The color looks like a brownish-burgundy. The article further offers that Marsala goes well with peachy pinks and warm metals, such as bronze and gold […]