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Deck Maintenance

Got a wood deck?  When was the last time you cleaned and sealed it?  Protecting the wood is the best way to extend the life of your deck.  Stains and sealants should be applied every few years, as soon as it is evident that the prior application is starting to wear off.  Check the main traffic areas of the deck (like the steps or at doorways) to see if there is evidence of wear.  If so, it’s time to call John at Crescent Home Referrals (864-444-1080) to schedule a qualified contractor to come out and get the […]



Scheduling seasonal inspections of your HVAC system is important to extending the life of your heating and air conditioning units.  Technicians can determine weakening components before the unit completely breaks down and leaves you without service.

Changing filters regularly greatly improves the efficiency of your system.

To schedule an HVAC inspection, contact John at 864-444-1080.  Crescent Home Referrals has qualified technicians ready to assist you […]


Gutters are a critical component for protecting your house from water intrusion.  If you notice water poring over the gutters, they are probably clogged with debris….leaves, pine needles, bird nests, etc.  Don’t like climbing a ladders to clean them out?

Notice that water is leaking from corners or other gutter joints?  Are the gutters sagging?  These are also signs that your gutters are not doing the job.

Ongoing maintenance extends the life of the gutter system.  Call John at 864-444-1080 to get a gutter specialist out to clean the gutters or make repairs before it […]


Inspecting your roof during a heavy rain is the easiest way to determine if you have a leak.  Don’t wait until you see those tale-tell signs of water intrusion on your sheetrock inside the house.  Go up into your attic space, look at where vents go thru the roof and inspect the attic floor.  See any wet spots?  See any water sliding down the pipes?  Do you notice any water on the attic floor?  If so, call John at 864-444-1080.  We can get a roofer out to access the damage and to implement repairs before you […]



Routine inspections of your heating and cooling system insure that your system is in shape to handle the demands of cool or hot weather.  It gives you peace of mind knowing that a professional has inspected the system and tested it’s components.  If your system has failing components, the part can be repaired before you find yourself without heat or air conditioning.

Crescent Home Referrals Inc. has HVAC specialists that can handle maintenance, inspections and installation of all system types and brands.  Give John a call (864-444-1080) to schedule […]

Pest Control


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Spiders and all sorts of other critters are looking for a warm, sheltered place to winter. They can find the tiniest opening and make your home theirs!