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“Fall Fixes” for the Home and Garden

Now is the time to plan for ” THE FALL FIXES”, for your Home and Gardens. May be a good time to do a few little paint jobs, electrical upgrades, plumbing, window cleaning, and even do the needed maintenance on your irrigation system, along with those extra touches in the Garden! Call Crescent Home Referrals (CHR) to help you line up the best available contractor to assist you with these plans. Call Don @ 864-270-6789 […]

“Leave” it to Crescent

Fall in the Upstate of South Carolina reminds us why we live here. The crisp, glorious weather. Clemson Football. The way our gorgeous blue sky looks against the glorious colors of fall. The colors of all those leaves. And don’t forget Clemson Football.

Fall in Greenville, SC is a gorgeous time of the year but it also means there’s work to do.

This time of the year also means clogged rain gutters and stopped up down spouts. How does this happen? Easily. As all of these beautiful trees shed their leave (and twigs and such) all of that […]

5 Summer Tips for CCC

Summer is here, which means the temperatures are rising and so are your needs for repairs and maintenance around the house. Have you been putting off that home repair project? Consider doing it in the summer when long days and dry warm weather make conditions favorable.

Here are 5 helpful tips to keep you calm, cool, and collected this summer. Protect your greatest investment. After all, you owe yourself peace of mind and an enjoyable summer.

Painting – early summer is the optimal time for your long awaited painting project. This is due […]

Enjoy the Spring!!


Enjoy the spring! Let our “Pros” Work harder for you, while you Play harder.

We’ve got you covered with:



Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

Window Washing along with your inside Chandeliers and lighting

Go so far as to Updating your Kitchen or a Bath room. Build a Deck or Patio!

You name it and Crescent Home Referrals’ “Got It”

Call today: 864-444-1080

Pest Control


Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! Spiders and all sorts of other critters are looking for a warm, sheltered place to winter. They can find the tiniest opening and make your home theirs!

Winter is Coming


Okay, it’s officially winter now. As the weather gets colder, make sure your home operates at peak efficiency during the winter months. Here is a list of TO DO items that can increase your home’s efficiency.