What does it cost to get referrals thru Crescent Home Referrals?
The service to homeowners is provided free of charge.
Who pays the contractor for services rendered?
The homeowner pays the contractor directly.
Can the homeowner get multiple bids for a job?
Certainly.  If the homeowner wants multiple quotes for a job, we will contact multiple, qualified contractors.
What kind of research does Crescent Home Referrals do on contractors in the network?
All contractors must meet personally with one of the owners.  The initial interviews determine the types of work the contractor has done in the past.  Then, the Crescent team investigates recent job references, confirms the contractor is appropriately insured.  Also, if the state requires the contractor to be licensed, Crescent confirms that the license is current.  Then, if all meets Crescent standards, the contractor is enrolled in the referral network.
What makes Crescent qualified to operate this type of business?
As owners, we have extensive hands-on experience in the residential building industry.  We understand the process of contractor selection, building fundamentals, and home maintenance.  In addition, we are knowledgeable about building materials, customer service standards, and the trade specialties.
How can a homeowner get in touch with Crescent?
A homeowner can call us at 864-444-1080, fill in the online Referral Request Form, or email john@crescenthr.com.