"Leave" it to Crescent

Fall in the Upstate of South Carolina reminds us why we live here. The crisp, glorious weather. Clemson Football. The way our gorgeous blue sky looks against the glorious colors of fall. The colors of all those leaves. And don’t forget Clemson Football.

Fall in Greenville, SC is a gorgeous time of the year but it also means there’s work to do.

This time of the year also means clogged rain gutters and stopped up down spouts. How does this happen? Easily. As all of these beautiful trees shed their leave (and twigs and such) all of that can end up on your roof. When the wind blows or the rain falls, those leaves, twigs, and assorted tree matter washes into your gutters and gets stuck. When that happens, rain water can wash out of your downspouts and end up behind your home’s siding. Your wooden boards can also get an unacceptable amount of rain water and begin rotting. The more leaves and such that end up in your gutters, the worse it can get. If you don’t keep your gutters clean, this can lead to expensive repair bills and unnecessary repairs.

rotten fascia
Clogged gutters can cause extensive damage to your home.

Now’s the time to have those gutters cleaned and while we’re at it, make sure they’re securely fastened to your home.

Remember to use a strong, secure ladder, a safety line should you plan on climbing onto your roof, and keep an eye out for power lines or other obstructions. Although power lines are insulated, one touch from even an aluminum ladder can result in electrocution. Or you could just call us. We’ve got a database of over 140 contractors, and one of them is right for your job. And if you’re a Clemson Tiger fan, well then, we’ll have plenty to talk about.

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