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There’s so much to love about Christmas. There’s presents and trees, parades and cookies, Santa and elves, and great get-togethers with friends and families. And of course there’s the celebration of the birth of our Savior.

Christmas also brings with it a time of reflection and renewal. We are constantly reminded that our year is drawing to a close and we should stop and take inventory of ourselves, then offer up a resolution for the new year. What shall we improve upon? Shall we lose weight, quit smoking, get a new job, ask for a raise […]

Holiday Wreaths


Know that wreath that is so pretty on your front door? Check it frequently….before you open the door! Birds love to snuggle down in all that fancy ribbon and greenery. I spent thirty minutes last night trying to catch a pretty little wren who decided the wreath was
her bed. She flew all over the place — inside my house! She went behind and under furniture, landed on light fixtures, hid in potted plants, and (her best hidding spot) on top of the kitchen cabinets. I don’t blame her for wanting to get out of the cold, but…. Total […]